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Summer Tablescapes

It is finally the season of summertime tablescapes!

As the temperature rises and nature blooms with vibrant colors, it's the perfect opportunity to get together with family and friends. Whether you're hosting a backyard barbecue, a lively brunch, or an intimate dinner party, creating an inviting and stylish tablescape can elevate your summer entertaining game. In this blog post, we will explore the art of designing stunning summer tablescapes, featuring a harmonious blend of seasonal elements, eye-catching centerpieces, and delightful table settings that will leave your guests in awe. Get ready to be inspired by the beauty of summer and learn how to transform your dining space into a captivating oasis of warmth, charm, and endless summer vibes.

Embrace the Colors of Summer

When it comes to summer tablescapes, vibrant colors are your best friends. Channel the essence of the season by incorporating hues that mirror nature's palette. Think juicy citrus shades, sun-kissed yellows, oceanic blues, and lush greens. We love this vibrant table from One Stylish Party.

photo by Angelo Merendino for Cleveland Magainzine, June 2019.

Playful patterns and bold prints can also add an extra layer of visual interest. Whether you opt for brightly patterned table linens, colorful dinnerware, or vibrant floral arrangements, let your table become a canvas of summer's joyful hues.

Emphasize Natural Elements

Summer is the time to bring the outdoors in, and what better way to do so than by incorporating natural elements into your table decor? Integrate an organic touch by incorporating fresh flowers, potted plants, or even beach-inspired elements like seashells and driftwood. Keep it chic by going subtle. Nautical colors, textures, and pieces of driftwood create this elegant table. Consider using natural fiber placemats or a woven runner to add texture and warmth. With a touch of nature's charm, your summer tablescape will exude a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

Photo by V.A. Photography via Burnett Boards

Light Up the Night

As the sun sets and the warm evenings stretch on, don't forget the importance of lighting in creating an enchanting ambiance. Soft candlelight or twinkling string lights can transform your tablescape into a magical haven. Opt for candleholders in various heights and styles to add dimension and create a cozy atmosphere. For an outdoor gathering, consider hanging fairy lights above the table or placing lanterns around the area to illuminate the night and set the mood.

stock image photo by Rachel Paxton via The Spruce via French Country Cottage

Playful Tableware and Accessories

Summer is the perfect time to break out your whimsical tableware and embrace playful accessories. Consider using vibrant melamine plates, colorful glassware, or mix-and-match patterns to add a touch of fun and personality to your table. Don't forget napkin rings, place card holders, and unique utensils to complete the look. Incorporate elements like fresh fruit as both decoration and a tasty treat, or even opt for vibrant patterned napkins to add a pop of color.

Mix and matching these

dinner plates from Over the Moon are the perfect addition to the plaid and checkerboard patterned linens. The whole styling of this table is *chef's kiss!*

Seasonal Centerpieces

A captivating centerpiece can serve as the focal point of your summer tablescape. Get creative with your choices, using elements that reflect the season's abundance. Fill a glass bowl with lemons, limes, or a mix of citrus fruits for a refreshing centerpiece. Alternatively, gather an assortment of wildflowers and place them in a rustic mason jar for a charming touch. Remember, the key is to embrace the natural beauty of summer and let it shine through your centerpiece selection.

Designing a summer tablescape is an opportunity to infuse your dining area with the spirit of the season. By embracing vibrant colors, incorporating natural elements, and adding playful touches, you can create a captivating setting for your summer gatherings. Don't forget about lighting and the power it holds in creating a magical atmosphere. With the right tableware, accessories, and a seasonal centerpiece, your table will become a delightful oasis of warmth, charm, and endless summer vibes. So go ahead, let your creativity flow, and enjoy the beauty of summer in every detail of your tablescape.




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