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A fresh perspective on a designer's value

Hello and Welcome! I'm Clara, the Design Assistant at Melissa Cross Interiors. I found Melissa on Instagram, reached out, and interned at the studio this past summer. I've since stayed on as I finish my degree at Bowling Green State University.

I want to dive into how the design world has changed from my perspective. If you recognized this directly or not, I bet you have noticed or felt the changes subconsciously related to interior design too.

During and after the pandemic individuals and families began to really notice non-functional characteristics as well as the desire for a refresh. The home had become an educational center, an office, a gym, and a place for activities amongst all the other standard roles our homes held.

Because every emotion we processed or expressed happened within the home we started to become attuned to how our homes made us feel. In return, a boom occurred within interior design. On social media, Instagram and TikTok blew up with DIYs, home improvements, popular home décor, and new trends. This chain reaction made the everyday person a novice interior designer. Our homes changed.

Some may have discovered new love for our homes, while others tried but still have un-functional and unsatisfying homes.

While working with Melissa, I have noticed clients have a vision or a style that they are struggling to bring to life. It seems that no matter how much we find something we love at the mall, a boutique, or online we end up having an assortment of décor or furniture that just isn’t flowing together. Over time, instead of really loving a piece we end up labeling it as clutter or out of style faster than we can take the price tag off.

Hiring a designer allows one to fall in love with every single item in their home; whether it may be furniture, pillows, blankets, art, styling items, rugs, or wallpapers, everything is loved, cohesive, and timeless. This uncertainty or 'off' feeling is eliminated. One can breathe in one’s space feeling the perks of functionality and aesthetic.

Investing in a designer is investing in your dollar, your homes functionality, and your own mental health for years to come.

I have found timeless design equals timeless happiness.




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