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In all things, peace

At the core of who I am, how I design spaces, and what I desire to bring to my clients is peace. And not peace in the 'day at the spa, self- care' sense, but in the deep understanding that our souls aren longing for rest.

Peace. Balance. Harmony.

I have found most people seek design help because their homes are out of balance with either 1) who they are or 2) what they need, and often both. And because of that, their days and their lives feel chaotic and unaligned. They know deep down that needs to change.

There is something incredibly powerful about creating a home that brings peace to your life. And what I love most is that can mean something different to everyone. For you, it may mean your ideal home is a place of inspiration. Maybe you need a sanctuary. Maybe it's creating a welcoming refuge for loved ones. More often than not, its a mix of many things. But when your home is a place that restores your soul, you can step back into the world a little more whole. And when you step back into the world from that place, you carry that goodness with you. You help create a kinder, more peaceful world.


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