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High Point Spring '24 ... part two

We're back with part two of insights from the High Point Spring Market 2024. Previously we discussed Traditional and Nostalgia inspired trends, Grandma-Core, red/purple/neutral color trends, and the continued dominance of organic shapes and curved forms.

More is More: Maximalism

For every neutral loving minimalist out there, you’ll find someone rejoicing over the resurgence of vibrant colors, bold patterns, layers, and eclecticism. High Point did not disappoint when it came to showcasing this aesthetic.  We love creating rich, visually stimulating environments that boldly state “more is more!” 

Even for clients that like things a bit more understated, it’s easy to bring in smaller scale versions of maximalist elements - fringe trims, tassels, the perfect antique side table- to add a little more visual interest to any space.

Botanical and Nature Motifs

Bringing the outdoors in: One trend I’m absolutely loving is both subtle and bold infusions of nature in interiors. The showrooms themselves were full of lush indoor plants and gorgeous floral. See Loloi's stunning showroom entry, Gabby's stairwell and Norwalk's wallpapered feature wall- something we saw over and over again.

We especially loved nature-inspired metal work. I’m always drawn to juxtaposition, here connecting us to nature and adding a sense of calm and rejuvenation.

Modern Matter had some gorgeous hardware getting us dreaming for our next renovation!

And despite it not being a great picture, I am still thinking about this snake side table.

Florals were EVERYWHERE, in the best way, present within almost every other trend. But we can't ignore how much lighting especially showcased botanical and floral elements.

Sculptural Lighting

Speaking of lighting trends, lighting that doubles as art? Yes, please! Statement lighting fixtures with sculptural shapes and intricate details are not only functional but also serve as stunning focal points, adding a museum-like quality to your home. Some our faves:

That wraps up part two of our Spring '24 Market Trends! We'd like to be clear though, we believe in trend-proofing our homes. If you don't love something, don't adopt it just because it's flooding your feed. Observing trends should help us find new ideas that truly speak to us and we will continue to cherish even after the 'trend' fades.  We observe the trends to find inspiration, with the goal always being to blend timeless elegance with fresh, innovative ideas

We always leave High Point inspired and energized to deliver deeply personal spaces for our clients. We aim for custom, 'trend-proof' spaces that feel distinctly 'you,' making your home a place where you feel at ease, experience joy, and find peace. 

Until next time,



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