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High Point Spring '24 Part One

Looong overdue, we're thrilled to share some our insights from the High Point Spring Market 2024! Attending High Point Market is always a blast; it's inspiring and fun and sometimes a bit overwhelming. We love sharing our discoveries, identifying new trends, and highlighting what seems to be here to stay. While we were compiling our observations, we realized there was a LOT to review. So we are gonna break this into two posts. Part II coming soon!

Telling a story: Traditional and Nostalgia

Think rich, textured fabrics and detailed patterns that bring a romantic, old-world charm into our homes. Chunky armoires filled with collections and one of a kind treasures.  It’s like adding a piece of history to your interiors, and we are all for it!

Along these lines, we saw a charming and exciting nod to tapestry-inspired designs. We loved visiting The Mural Source and browsing their stunning mural wallpapers. I love how my imagination can run wild and fill in an entire story when I look at these designs.

Grandma Core: This is not 2010's shabby chic craze

Bold floral patterns, classic plaids, and ginghams are creating spaces that feel warm, nostalgic, and oh-so-homely. It’s all about that collected, lived-in vibe that makes you want to curl up with a good book.

Big fans of pattern mixing, We love how pairing traditional and modern patterns keep things feeling fresh! We could have spent days just perusing all the custom upholstery options.

Color Trends: in the words of Taylor Swift

Seeing Red

Am I a total Swifty and is Red my OG favorite album? Yes. Was Red also popping up all over Market? Also yes.

Earlier this year designer Taylor Migliazzo Simon was featured in the New York Times with her Unexpected Red Theory. Her theory suggests that adding something red in a room where it doesn't seemingly belong, it will instantly make the space look better. And though it’s quite as simple as simply throwing in red at random, I do like the principle that every space needs something that feels unexpected. In fact it’s one of our studio’s core values: “We welcome the unexpected, resulting in spaces that feel unique and well balanced.”

Lavender Haaaaaaaze

Midnights, track 1 (I make no apologies)... but this trend isn't just lavender. Shades of purple were featured in art, accessories and large upholstery pieces. I admit, purple is not a go-to in our color palettes. But we are definitely warming up to it when we see it used like this!

Layered Neutrals

No direct Taylor reference here but if you're interested in discussing all the times she uses neutral colors in her lyrics, give me a call. ("shades of greige" in the latest album -- are you kidding me?)

This is squarely in our ‘here to stay’ category. Layered neutrals like beige, taupe, and creamy white create sophisticated and inviting spaces.

For the minimalists drawn to this style, texture plays a crucial role with materials like linen, leather, and natural wood to add depth and interest. This saddle buckle detail on this leather piece from Wesley Hall was perfection.

Curvy and Soft:

This was one of our stand out trends we saw in Spring of 2023, and we saw it is still going strong.  Hand in hand with a layered neutral palette, curved lines - from sofas to lighting to bed frames - bring elegance and softness to interiors. Embracing those gentle lines and organic forms creates an inviting and comfortable space.

There you have it! Part One of our Spring '24 High Point Market trend recap!

To give a little teaser for Part II - those of you with a "More is More" mindset will likely find a lot more to love in the next post. And we will get into the value of identifying trends at all- especially since we are big believers in creating trend-proof spaces. Stay tuned!




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