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High Point Market S23

Although High Point is only a 75 minute drive from home, I felt worlds away. I spent three and half days researching never before seen products, getting my eyes on favorite pieces IRL, meeting my sales reps, networking, hearing from industry experts, establishing new vendor relationships, and getting 1000% inspired by the 11,500,000 square feet design goodness. It was drinking from a fire hydrant and I was there for it.

I noticed some still-going-strong trends:

  • Scallops, waves, curves

  • Neutrals on neutrals

  • Rattan, caning, and woven materials

  • Big time pattern

  • Fringe

I was a little surprised not to find more of the following, wondering if they'll show up more at Fall Market? There were so so many showrooms, I may have just missed them?

Pleated Shades. Give me all the pleats. Where are the pleats?

Mixing small scale, traditional patterns. Maybe its just who I follow but my IG is swarmed with these sorts of designs. I was surprised to not see more of it showcased at Market. Rowe had some upholstery on display and a bench with one of my faves.

Pastels and light and bright vibes. There is always link between what is happening in society and what shows up in art, fashion, and interiors. And after the last three years everyone needs more FUN. It seems like we've got the dark and moody down, but I'm expecting more hot pink and lavender and over the top-let's-celebrate-life pieces soon. Check out this fun armoire from Ro Sham Beaux and collection from Splashworks. This is what I'm talking about. I expect to see more of this vibe next year. Both of these vendors knocked my socks off with their products and were the kindest, most welcoming humans. I feel like I made new friends.

More Predictions for what we'll see soon...

Designer collaborations. Many designers are gaining wider, higher profiles and are known beyond the industry. They have shows, online shops and collections, and now more product collaborations. Jean Stoffer, who I adore, just launched a line with Loloi. I attended a fabulous panel with Natalie Papier of Home Ec Op, Dabito, Zio and Sons, and Megan Molten, all of who have new lighting lines with Mitzi. End consumers know and trust these names and feel confident styling their homes with the products attached to their brands.

Demand for American made furniture. I took a tour of the Thayer Coggin's workroom and got the behind the scenes look on how their iconic pieces are made.I was blown away by the tour but then when I was able to sit in the showroom- I was extra blown away. Such a difference in the quality of these pieces. And as consumers are T I R E D of lead times and waiting months and months for their furnishings coming on shipping containers. I think the appeal of American made is super high. I'm excited to learn more and offer the highest quality pieces and offer these to my clients through my designs.

More exciting outdoor styles at accessible price points. This doesn't need an explanation. There's been a hole here for years and it's nice to see some new options! Look at that outdoor sofa - I meeeeeaaaaan

Motorized sofas and chairs. Formally known as recliners :). I worked on a project this year that included recliners. I was surprised to find some potential options online and then last week I was able to see them in person. And they looked goooood. Can't wait to see more!

There is so much more I could share, but I'm impressed you even made it this far. Take a second and tell me in the comments- What are you loving? Hating? Hoping to see more of? Ready to see less of? I think one of the things I love most about this industry is there is room for everybody and their individuality and creative lens. Share yours with me!




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