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Guides, brands, and finding yourself

Something I realized this week while I was putting my primary messaging--Feel Good at Home--out was that in branding, I was actually practicing that concept in real time. The process of branding for me was ultimately about creating a space where I felt authentic, safe, and inspired. It was creating a little home for myself and my work and then inviting clients to participate in it.

My desire for my clients is that they come home at the end of the day and find their needs cared for. When you feel connected and centered, you can, in turn, engage your world in both big and small ways. It's not a novel idea that we all have unique gifts to give. But I have witnessed and experienced how difficult it can be to share those gifts when your life feels out of balance. It's near impossible. And when your home isn't working for you, it doesn't feel right, or you cant really see yourself in it, it becomes one. more. thing. that drains you. Your home becomes a struggle; not a sanctuary.

However, when you come home at the end of the day and smile because it feels right, something bigger happens. You find respite and restoration. You find joy and inspiration in your surroundings. You can show up for yourself, your people, and your purpose. And, though it may sound lofty, I believe that, ultimately, you'll be able to create more good in the world.

Truth be told, branding was not an easy process for me. If you are familiar with the enneagram, I'm a 9. Which is a huge benefit to working with clients. It's very easy for me to understand them and their unique needs. And as a peacemaker, it drives me to create spaces that bring my clients a greater sense of peace and balance in their lives.

But when it comes to my own self, I can struggle to articulate my own perspective. I can feel it; I just don't always have the words that adequately express it. That's where turning to Veronica Rogers for brand strategy became crucial for me. She guided me to clarity on my core beliefs and values. She saw my heart and passion and showed me how to integrate that more clearly into my work. I may or may not have cried in several of our sessions. She connected my brand to who I already was and helped me create this little brand 'home.'

After that, I turned to Nicole over at Hamam Design. She was able to put all that deep work into the brand design and identity. I see it and it just feel like me. It brings me that joy and inspiration I want my clients to feel. I am head over heals for what we created together.

And that's the point. Sometimes it takes outside perspective to help you guide you to clarity and find yourself. When it comes to your home design, I hope to provide just that.


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