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Feel good at home.

 Our aim is to create interiors that aren't only beautiful, but spark connection, belonging, and peace. We design thoughtfully balanced spaces that inspire you to bring your unique gifts into the world and draw you back to find harmony and restoration. Because at the end of the day, everyone wants to feel good at home. 

We desire to create a world that is kinder, more hospitable, and more peaceful. By bringing harmony into your home through our carefully curated designs, you'll be fully present for yourself, your people, and your world. 

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By layering lush textures, modern and traditional patterns, statement metallics, and warm wood tones, a cozy guest room comes together to welcome family and friends in Cary, NC.  Featuring a custom closet conversion, a once underwhelming, under functional room is  transformed into a space showcasing modern style and hospitality. 

Images by Cat Wilborne Photography

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“My home is filled with so many quiet, bright spots of delight that would not be here without [Melissa's] wisdom, skill, and meticulously informed eye. [She has] been a joy to work with, and [has] brought a world of joy to my home.”
Marilyn B
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