No one wants to live in chaos. Day to day chaos, home project chaos. Balance and peace is at the heart of what we do and why we do it.  We approach each project knowing that when you feel centered at home, you can better engage your world in both big and small ways. 


Home projects can be overwhelming. (Kinda like life.)  You may be full of ideas or have no idea where to start. (Also kinda like life.) We take care to gently guide you through the process.  To get to the heart of how your space can provide you with the unique inspiration and restoration you need to step into your world.   For those bigger projects, I will work directly with your build team to drive the overall aesthetic, providing consistent on site support while you go on with your everyday life while we handle the details.



We start with meeting face to face so I can get to know you, your lifestyle, and your project.  We will walk on site and talk through your desires, needs, questions, inspo- anything relevant. If you have architectural plans, we can review them together and begin to envision your home brought to life. 

Next we will launch into Phase 1- Design Conceptualizing You'll receive concepts and layouts to help you envision your space and move forward with confidence. 


From there we'll create a fully realized design plan - Phase 2. Through digital planning boards and photo realistic 3D renderings, I'm confident this will be a fun process and in the end you have a space you love, within your budget. 


For our full service clients, next comes ordering and installation. During renovations, we are a consistent fixture on site and work directly with your build team.  We’ll be your advocate, communicating your needs, and helping with any unexpected hiccups. You can rest assured that the vision you have for your home will be executed and delivered. In the end you'll come home to a thoughtfully designed space that cultivates peace in your world and your everyday life. 


Ready to start? 

Let's do this.